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Winery Insurance - Vintners Insurance - Washington 

Vintners and Winery Insurance

​From the vine to the bottle of wine your customer purchases, Creek Insurance can provide you a policy that protects your business.  We represent insurance carriers who provide unique coverage's that are tailored for Vintners and Wineries.

All insurers provide coverage for property, general liability and liquor liability.  Our carriers provide those and more.

Blending Errors & Omissions - Pays for damage to "wine" caused by errors in blending with other wine, dilution or alteration of wine by water or other liquids.

Harvested Grapes - Pays for the physical loss or damage of harvested grapes, owned by you.

Grape Vines - Pays for direct loss or damage to grape vines and supporting trellises.

Labeling Errors - Covers the cost you incur to re-label or repackage stock due to error in labeling, bottling or repackaging.

Unexpected Wine Oxidation - Pays for direct loss of wine caused by unexpected wine oxidation.

Wine Contamination- Covers the loss or damage to wine products caused by contamination.

Other coverage's include - Special Events - Tasting Rooms - Wine Cellars - Food and Other Beverage - Data Compromise - Employee Dishonesty - Product Recall - Equipment Breakdown