Auto Insurance

There are numerous options available for auto insurance.  You can go directly to a carrier, doing it yourself online.  But most folks aren't sure what coverage or limits they should have or need.

You can contact a captive agent who only represents one company.  Each year you just keep renewing,  but if the pricing or coverage becomes unsatisfactory, you have to go find a new company and new agent.

At Creek Insurance, we represent multiple insurance carriers; Safeco, Allstate, Nationwide, Travelers, Oregon Mutual, National General, Dairyland and Bristol West.  Our first consideration isn't price, it's not coverage, it's you.  How much do you stand to lose in the event of an accident?  AtCreekInsurance, we make sure you have the best coverage at the lowest premium. 

Each year we review your auto insurance, to make sure your coverage fits your current circumstances.  We also check with our other carriers to make sure the price you are paying is competitive.

Give us a call at 360-266-8000 and let's see what Creek can do for you.

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Would you like to give us your information at your own leisure to get an auto insurance quote?  Click  on the "Get a Quote" button, fill in the information and we will quote our multiple carriers for you.

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Are you currently un-insured and worried the cost of getting insurance will be expensive?  Don't worry we represent some carriers who will cut you some slack. Call 360-266-8000

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Need an SR-22?  We can get you covered.  Call us or click the "Get a Quote" button.

Broad Form Insurance

Do you own or operate 3, 4 maybe 6 different vehicles that don't need physical damage coverage?  We can offer you broad form insurance that cover multiple vehicles for one price. 

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